Thursday, 27 July 2017

Constitution amendments in Nigeria

This is the list of issues belating progress in The Federal Government of Nigeria, that was voted on yesterday 26th of July,2017 by the National Assembly.

I will commend them for some of the decisions made, which Nigerians can be rest assured will go a long way to help in the advancement of the Nation. The amendments of age limits for presidency and governorship contesting is a good one as there was no real tangible reason for the age barrier limit before. The amendment on percentage of women being nominated for ministerial n commissioner positions both in national and state level is good too as women will be given more chance to be involve in governing.
Whats up with the `immunity for legislators for Acts in course of Duty`? Does it mean that whatever the legislators do during the course of duty is ok? Does it mean whatever is done during the course of duty is not liable to be indicted for?
The amendments on `Restriction of Tenure of President and Governor`, was that done because of only the former President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, or was it for the benefit of Nigerians?

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